#10Years10Questions – Part 3 (Question 8-10)


This year, World of Warcraft is celebrating its tenth birthday. Colleague blogger Alternative Chat over at Alternative Blog is having a big collab blog/podcast where all people who participate can answer ten questions. More information can be found here. This is my second part of a three-part series.

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8. Admit it: do you read quest text or not?

Actually, I do. For some reason, though, I can filter the “lore-heavy” quests from the kill X and collect Y quests, which usually are not that interesting. Once I have done the quests in a zone, or expansion I tend to skip it, but I like to have read the quest text at least once.

9. Are there any regrets from your time in game?

Not really, if I had then I probably would not be playing anymore. :)

10. What effect has Warcraft had on your life outside gaming?

Where to start… A couple of years ago I went through a rough time, in which I will not to into detail about, but in the end I ended up meditating and facing pretty much similar troubles as Emperor Shaohao did before he hid Pandaria in mists. I had only just quit university and I was diagnosed with a mild case of autism (while this is an extremely wide disorder, it comes down to the fact that I take longer to process information) and an anxiety disorder. I was taught how to meditate, focus on the here and now and to accept things as they are. The fact that this topic has been present throughout the entire expansion (Why do we fight?) was and still is pretty special to me.
When I was a teenager, I did not have many friends and I lost touch with the people whom I did consider one. World of Warcraft gave me a kind of social output and I have met some of the most amazing people in the game. Added to that is the great community of players on Twitter. Some of the people I have met I would even consider as close friends, even though we don’t live in the same country. That is pretty special to me.
I would say that World of Warcraft has shaped a part of my identity and it still does. This is going to sound really cliché, but the game is not just a game to me.

This blog post concludes my entry for the #10Years10Questions event. Thanks to everyone who took the time to read me entry, let me know what you think in the comment box below or mention me on Twitter at @RowettSS.